Glenesk Bungalow

Overlooking the Knuckles mountain range, Glenesk Bungalow is perfect for a peaceful private getaway. Just 20 minutes from Nuwara Eliya town this charming four-bedroomed bungalow is close to a century old and offers great views, extensive gardens and delicious home-grown produce and home-cooked meals. Whether you want to put your feet up with a book or a board game, peek into the past by flipping through our magazine collection dating back to the 30s, or to discover waterfalls and the famous Horton Plains, there's plenty to enjoy during your stay with us.

My Grandmother’s House: A History

Before Glenesk was my grandmother’s house, it had a long history. Unsurprising given that the bungalow, which dates back to 1920, is close to a hundred years old. It was built by some Scottish planters, who named it after their home town. It saw the fall of Ceylon coffee and the rise of Ceylon tea. And Horatio Nelson’s descendent lived on the property. But for me, the house has always been very much a part of my grandmother.

From the moment my grandmother set foot in Glenesk, she fell in love with everything from the view to the antique furniture. Though it was only ever her holiday house she loved it like a home. Unfortunately when the family tea estates were taken over by the government, it became harder for her to maintain the house and as she grew older and less able to make the journey from Colombo, the house fell into disrepair.

The recent restoration of the house has been something of a labour of love. Four years ago, at the start of the project, running water was problematic, the electricity supply was inconsistent and there was a tree growing through one of the walls. Finally, in 2016, the house is starting to resemble its former self. Like any house of its age, the house occasionally plays up but that’s part of the charm. This isn’t an old-style house, it’s a genuinely old house complete with original features and antique furniture. If you’re looking for an authentic historical experience, do come and stay with us and enjoy the house my grandmother loves so much.