A good breakfast is the key to a good day, which is why at Glenesk Bungalow we offer complimentary breakfast to all our guests. Our western breakfast includes freshly laid eggs from our neighbour’s chickens prepared in the style of your choice; juicy grilled tomatoes; fresh baked village bread; lightly salted butter and our home made jam. For our local breakfast we serve parrippu (lentil curry), pol sambol (an iconic Sri Lankan dish made from grated coconut and chili) and roast paan (a crusty village baked bread) accompanied with a soft centred fried egg.


Lunch and dinner are both available on request at Glenesk Bungalow, though we appreciate a few hour’s prior notice as we cook every meal fresh to order. Our chef Raja makes an excellent rice and curry spread using vegetables picked fresh from the garden and your choice of fish or chicken (though he can easily produce vegetarian or vegan friendly options). He also makes delicious western fare, including warming soups made with our home grown vegetables, stews, pot roasts and a range of desserts from rhubarb and custard to traditional steamed puddings.

We encourage family-style dining at Glenesk, as we only have a small team of kitchen staff, but we always try to accommodate any special dietary requirements if we can.

Lunch: $7 per person (typically rice and curry) Dinner: $11 per person (typically courses, including soup, a main meal and dessert)


Coming soon, Glenesk Bungalow will be serving up traditional high tea by the twin ponds in our picturesque garden, overlooking an incredible mountain view. A choice of crustless sandwiches, sweet pastries, cake and, of course, scones (with cream and our home made jams), will be served to accompany Ceylon’s finest Nuwara Eliya tea, sourced from a nearby plantation. Available only on prior request, our high tea will be perfect for those looking for a special experience to remember their trip by.

Jams, Jellies and Home Made Preserves

At Glenesk Bungalow we believe in sustainable living, which is why we try to promote a green lifestyle centred on living off the land. We use the wealth of fruit trees we are lucky to have in our gardens to make a range of jams, so that our fruits don’t go to waste. We always serve these jams with our breakfasts and as so many of our guests have asked for a bottle to take home, we’ve decided to make our jams officially available. We only hope that you think of your time with us while you enjoy it.